Christopher Reinhardt
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Born in Colorado on 04 October 1988.
Grade school-Clifton, Colorado K-4th grade

Went to school in Clifton Colorado and did well but was considered to be a very 'curious' and 'precocious" child.  Had many friends and was very social.  Accepted Jesus into his heart and was baptized by his father, Pastor Rodney Reinhardt in 1996.

Later elementary school years
Went to 5th-8th grade in Zuni NM at a private catholic school.  chris and Alec were one of the few "anglos' in their class but won people over with their humor and fun loving nature. 
High school years
Early high school years were difficult but he went to Independence High School for the last 2 years of school and graduated on time, May 16, 2007.  He had been asked to give the class speech, but he didn't feel comfortable speaking in front of crowds, so they asked another student to do the honors.  Won a citizenship award that is proudly displayed in our home today.  He had started chemotherapy in February and told all his friends "If I can graduate from school on time when I have cancer you have no excuses!"
We found out about the non Hodgkins Lymphoma Jan 22, 2007. We had no idea he had anything more than a cold or maybe bronchitis when he went to the Dr. Several hours later we were in the hospital talking about a biopsy. Three days later we had a diagnosis. Acute Lymphoblastic T-Cell lymphoma. The adult oncologist referred us to University of New Mexico Hospital. The beginning of treatment went well, considering the kind of chemicals they were giving him, and he was in remission. In May, the week after Chris graduated we found out the cancer was back. Chris took that news like he took everything else, with a positive attitude. The next 3 1/2 months were all about finding something to get him into remission. When we were told there was nothing else to be done, it was all about getting him home. Chris passed away on 03 October 2007, the day before his 19th birthday. He fought bravely and courageously, touching people with his love and positive attitude.  When the doctors told him that there was nothing else that could be done for him, he wanted to go home, to be with his family and friends.  He said, "it's all about quality of life for me now, mom".  And he was right.  He married the love of his life that day.  He died, surrounded by his family and his friends, the way he wanted to.  We have never felt so much love before that day and have been searching for it ever since...
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