Christopher Reinhardt
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This website was created in memory of our youngest son, Chris "Mopigeon" Reinhardt, who was born October 4th, 1988 and died of Lymphoma October 3rd, 2007.  He loved punk rock, death metal and he could make you laugh until you almost passed out!  He has an older brother Tom and an identical twin brother, Alec, who both miss him very much. 

Chris had been ill from January to October 2007 and never asked "why me?", just "what's next?". His positive attitude was contagious and he continues to encourage people today.  A quote, from one of his best friends, Lauren Loyd, sums him up best "I'm thankful everyday for being privileged enough to have known your son as well as I did.. He taught me so many things, and sometimes I seriously think he's the 'voice of reason' in the back of my mind, always nagging me to keep moving forward, to accomplish things, and making me keep my mind at peace through struggles and hardships. Your son was one of the most amazing people I could have ever known, He could have changed the world. "  He really did change the world and we will never forget how he changed us forever...

We have a family motto now, "Live, Laugh, Love" because that is what Chris did, even the day he died.  How can we do anything less?

Tributes and Condolences
To Christopher   / Christine Ross
Thinking of you Christopher. Please give Luke a hug for me. Christine, Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001 ~ May the force be with you..... ~
3 days until it's Tom's 2 month anniversary :(   / Mom (Mom)
Look out after Tom, you are the veteran Angel, lol!  I know you are so happy he is there with you, but I miss both of you so much.  It's killing me that you two will never be uncles to Alec's children, never see your dad graduate in March 2...  Continue >>
hey chris   / Becca Pennell (friend)
was thinking about you again last night... then i saw the link to your site.... well just wanted to say hi and say that i love you and miss you so much more every day. *sending hugs and kisses out to you* wish you could be here still.
CHRISTOPHER  / Christine Ross (Friend of his mom )
Your website is beautiful just as you are.  I loved seeing all of your photos from baby till grown.  Please give Luke a hug for me.  We will see you boys soon.  Love Christine Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001
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